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TLastG introduction

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by makipolios, Mar 2, 2018.

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  1. makipolios

    makipolios NOOB

    welcome , hello , salut .... anyways . to let you know , i'm a gamer , i do video games and review games on youtube , my channel's name is TLastG , i often play shooters games , i like action games in general , Call of duty is one of my best games to play , i finished cod mw4 , and i still wanna play it , currently i'm playing cod mw3 for the first time in 2018 , yea , in 2018 , i'm a bit late , because my graphic card is HD5500 , i've been on youtube as a gamer since 3 months now , i keep doing videos , but no growth , it's a little bit disappointing ,but i'll keep up until reach my goal which is making a 1000 subscribers as real friends to communicate with . what makes my channel unique is my thoughts and my style of making videos , i think my style is different than other gamers , i'm not partnered yet with any 3rd party , you can check out my channel on youtube by typing : TLASTG

    enjoy my videos gamers !!

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