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The Creative Gamer Network

Discussion in 'Partner Network Review' started by CreativeGamer, Jun 4, 2013.

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  1. CreativeGamer

    CreativeGamer NOOB



    The Creative Gamer is a new YouTube Network with a focus on the growth of smaller channels. Gone is the “small stay small and big get bigger” attitude. We want to help you grow the audience that you deserve! I was able to get my personal YouTube account to over 23,500 subscribers and 4.75 million views before undertaking this project. I want to see you get to that point and beyond!


    • Get at least 200 views daily
    • Your channel must be at least 30 days old.
    • No copyright or community guidelines strikes
    • Account must be in Good Standing
    • No copywritten content (Any music must be royalty free or used with permission/license from the owner)


    Exclusive Music
    LiftedMusic and Second Suspense have granted permission for our Partners and Directors to utilize their music in videos! When you partner with us, you’ll receive directions for the proper way to credit their music, per their agreement with TheCreativeGamer.

    Track your earnings in real time within your Analytics section on YouTube. We give all of our partners full transparency in to their earnings so that our partners can accurately estimate their progress and future earnings.

    Exclusive Sponsors
    We work directly with SocietyStation to provide its partners with additional earning streams on top of our standard publishers stream. This allows for our partners to have in-video ad placements and other custom sponsor requested ad solutions.

    Income Streams
    TheCreativeGamer towers over its competitors with its superior CPM rates, we have no caps on our CPMs assuring the highest possible income for partners. To top that off we provide you with REF links if needed so that you can earn a permanent commission of your recruited partners.

    Unlock YouTube Features
    When you become a partner you unlock exclusive YouTube partner features such as a YouTube channel banner, custom video thumbnails, scheduled uploading, HD Live streaming capabilities and Googles partner promotion.

    If you are a partner this means you are the best of the best and have truly peaked, talent like yours deserves to be heard so TheCreativeGamer advertises its partners across all of its affiliates as well as its own branches, promoting both your channel and videos!

    More Soon to Come!
    We’re constantly on the look out for awesome new perks to add to our existing, awesome benefits! We’ll send an email to all partners as any new perks and features become available!

    Apply for Partnership at http://TheCreativeGamer.com/apply/partner-application/
  2. EaglEye

    EaglEye Jr Member

    I am very much interested, but I've only hit around 200 views a day recently, so i do not have the total of 9000 views to show you guys yet :-\

    My quality is on the high side though and probably quite unique aswell. Feel free to check it out if you wish CreativeGamer
  3. CreativeGamer

    CreativeGamer NOOB

    apply anyway! the form says 9000, but i will approve 6000 :)

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