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Shoutout Anyone?

Discussion in 'Shoutout4Shoutout' started by anthony lyons, Oct 10, 2016.

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  1. anthony lyons

    anthony lyons Active Member

    Heyyyy a while back I made a similar post on this site and also on the freedom forum page asking if anyone wanted a shoutout. The amount of responses I got was crazy! However I kind of made a mess of that and only ever made one shoutout video, so instead of trying to go through all the requests again I have decided to start fresh. The shoutout videos will either be weekly or monthly(most likely monthly) and three people will be chosen each video. I will upload the first one next sunday on the 16th of October so if you want one then please reply below. If I get a large amount of responses like last time I will put names onto a list for later shoutouts so please do not think your channel is rubbish just because I haven't put you up first because I am sure there are many of you who have great content :D. Also after the first video has been uploaded I will probably not check this forum page again so if you would like a shoutout then please comment on the shoutout videos.

    I only have two requirements: Please subscribe to the channels that I shoutout and watch some of their videos otherwise there isn't really any much point :D. Oh and also you don't have to upload regularly but please have at least ten videos up on your channel so I can see what kind of content you make.
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  2. PureVorteX

    PureVorteX NOOB

    I'm doing a very similar video on my channel (well im starting doing these kind of videos). I'm shouting out around 10 people so I'm fully ready for this message me back and we can get into connect through easier means
  3. rycopene

    rycopene NOOB

    I make gaming videos everyday. That's about it haha. I make Let's Plays, walkthroughs/playthroughs of various games.

    Rycopene, search on YouTube. Same icon here.
  4. thedarksaint7

    thedarksaint7 NOOB

    i am a new yo
    i am a new youtuber and do lets play horror games also upload family guy and amvs please give me a shoutout

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