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Rainbow Six Siege Starter Edition Breakdown - Is it Worth it??

Discussion in 'FPS Shooter Videos' started by ZeeKiwi, Feb 10, 2018.

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  1. ZeeKiwi

    ZeeKiwi NOOB

    Hey Guys!

    So I still have one custom T-Shirt and a signed poster waiting to be given away, so don't forget to drop some top comments in my new videos for your chance to win! You guys have been here since the beginning of my YouTube career and I wanted to thank you guys by sending one of you a Tshirt and a poster, so please drop a like and a comment. If you guys are new to the channel, just hop in and drop a sub so you can catch my new content! This video in particular discusses whether or not the Siege Starter Edition is worth it, and if you can't afford any other version then I also discuss the best ways to succeed using the Starter Edition. Make sure to check out my last video on renown farming and how to gain enough to buy a new operator. I also rank each of the original operators so that you can gain the most out of the game without wasting too much time and renown. Make sure to drop a like, comment and sub if you liked the video for more gaming in the future! Thanks again and I look forward to hearing from you all!


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