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PUBG Ultimate MONTAGE and FUNTAGE!! - Ep.2

Discussion in 'FPS Shooter Videos' started by ZeeKiwi, Oct 9, 2017.

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  1. ZeeKiwi

    ZeeKiwi NOOB

    Hey guys!

    Thanks for all the support on my most recent video, and as anticipated we reached the sub count challenge, but we still need to reach the likes and comments challenge, although I anticipate this will still happen and nonetheless would like to show my appreciation to you guys for all the support up till now! Comment a number below between 1-200 and I will select a randomly generated number and choose the winner! The winner will receive 300K from me as well as an ENTIRE 3-Crate house FULL of meth-making materials in a prime location just outside of Pyrgos (not that it really matters anymore)! If you guys also wouldn't mind checking out my newest PUBG Montage video I would greatly appreciate it! Don't forget to drop a like, a comment and subscribe if you haven't already! Thanks again guys and good luck!


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