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PC/ PS4 Funny Moments Gaming Group

Discussion in 'Collaborations' started by Javor Meek, Jan 8, 2017.

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  1. Javor Meek

    Javor Meek Jr Member

    Hello everyone, my name is Javo and i am looking for people to collab in future videos!
    Going to tell you the requirements/details first, then some stuff about me, including games i have in mind

    What type of videos?
    The types of videos we will be making are pretty much going to be like Vanoss. Just people together playing games while having fun.
    I play on both PC and PlayStation 4, but i don't really care which we use to collaborate on but I think I'd say have both PS4 and pc games so we could branch out to more people.

    first: 100+ subscribers would be preferable, but
    I am more interested in personality , respect etc. So that can worked around easily.
    Age: i'm gonna say 13-17, because I feel that if this got together and worked. We could big YouTubers and it would be no problem to visit each other (ik I am dreaming a little bit too big!)

    I am from Canada , time zone MDT, recording whenever really. so if you are from this region that would be great! If you are not, make sure you are flexible when it comes to scheduling!

    Equipment: A decent mic would be needed!

    About Me
    I'm a 15 years old Born and raised in Canada, I've been doing YouTube since February 2016, at time of writing i have 109 subscribers and 27 published videos. I am focusing on any video games that look like you'll have so much fun playing i don't really care if it's popular or not.
    As for equipment, i have an Blue Yeti as a mic with scissor boom arm and pop filter.

    Overwatch (PC)
    Battlefield 1 (PS4)
    Cards Against Humanity
    Grand theft auto 5 ( PS4 & PC)
    Garry's Mod (PC)
    Black ops 3 (PC)
    Cod WAW (PC)
    L4D2 (PC)
    Fifa 17 PC)
    The Forest (PC)
    There's more I just can't think of any off the top of my head

    Future Games
    Rocket League
    For Honor


    So if you are interested, You can find me on Skype (gusehead), Discord (Javo #8176), Twitter (@YaBoyJavo) and of course by pressing the big red button down below!

    See ya!

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