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[PC/NA]Looking for core comedy Group

Discussion in 'Collaborations' started by DaRealBrofasa, Aug 10, 2017.

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  1. DaRealBrofasa

    DaRealBrofasa NOOB

    Hello eveerrrrboooddy,

    This is DaRealBrofasa here with an announcement in the YTGamers forum under the collaborations section! Hope everyone is doing well. Today I want to talk to you about something serious. I recently built a PC and bought a bunch of games and software for making high quality Youtube comedy gaming videos and it dawned on me that from moving over from the "casual Friday night get drunk in a gaming lobby and yelling obscenities to underage squeakers about their mothers while they fire back retorts on how they get all the bitches and money when really they just discovered how there dicks work up in front of their junior high class from getting a fear boner while giving a book report on Moby Dick" (side note: don't wear gym shorts or sweat pants when giving a book report) to building a PC because I'm an elitist meow and joined the master race. That was as awkward for you to read as for me to type.

    Anyway here is the meat and potatoes. I'm a old AF dude who likes to game, and would like to make some collaboration videos with people who are over the age of 18 who like to have fun, joke around, say stupid shit, and do even more stupid shit in game. I don't have a lot of requirements minus the age thing, but we can do a drop in drop out build a strong internet presence by being fun, funny, retarded, or whatever we wish because we enjoy gaming and fragging each other for comedic effect. I got some youtube ideas, plenty of games to we can play together, and help build each other up the ranks so we can take down that one guy with 56 million subs. Or we could just game and hit record. Probably the latter. Anyway I'm looking to make connections with other humorous people and make some good friends that do youtube. Hit me up if you're interested and we can see if we mesh well comically.

    Game on,

  2. ZeeKiwi

    ZeeKiwi NOOB

    Hey man! I have been searching for people to collab with as well! I do a wide range of vids to include comedy and would like to do GMOD and GTA videos as well! Right now I am working on a zombie mod series but I have a FiveM server I created for funny collab videos, let me know if you're interested!

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