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my channel doesn't rise up , it's been 3 months since the creation

Discussion in 'Collaborations' started by makipolios, Mar 2, 2018.

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  1. makipolios

    makipolios NOOB

    hello friends , i have a gaming channel on youtube , i have about 3 months since the creation but no growing , if anybody can help me that would be great !!
  2. iVoytek

    iVoytek NOOB

    Hi! I know how frustrating it can be not having a growing channel. I have problems with this for years. The way I think you get a lot of views and subscribers is if you post a lot of relevant content. And with a lot I mean 4 video's a week. Also try to make how to video's. These are more watched and get you views fast. If you got the time for it this is the way to go.

    If you can give me your channel name I could have a look and maybe I got a few tips for you.

    I hope this helped you a little bit ;)

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