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It’s the second quarter of MTnba2k

Discussion in 'POD Cast' started by mtnba2k, Dec 15, 2017.

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  1. mtnba2k

    mtnba2k NOOB

    It’s the second quarter of Joel Embiid’s first madden mobile 18 coins preseason game of 2017, and he doesn’t respect the Brooklyn Nets defenders attempting to guard him. I would write that sentence with confidence just by watching him roast them with contempt, but there’s no need. He told us MMOgo.com exactly how he felt about them."They can’t king guard me,” Joel Embiid yelled.

    Ballislife.com October 12, 2017 It takes some minor lip reading and careful listening, but it’s pretty clear what Embiid said. And you know what? They f**king couldn’t. Please gorge yourself on this stat line.

    15 minutesEmbiid hit the first shot of the game — a Buy FIFA Mobile Coins pull-up jumper, naturally — and overpowered Brooklyn’s defense on his way to 1.5 points per minute. He knocked down a one-footed Dirk Nowitzki fadeaway! On the very next play he hit a three-pointer FROM MTnba2k.com.

    Drew Corrigan (@Dcorrigan50) October 12, 2017 Embiid captured the NBA news cycle over the past 72 hours after signing a five-year, $147 million extension. It’s polarizing as hell, naturally, as it should be when a player who has played 31 games in three seasons gets paid nine figures.

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