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BEST PVP COMBO AND HOW TO GET THEM - Destiny 2 Guides - Ep. 1

Discussion in 'FPS Shooter Videos' started by ZeeKiwi, Nov 3, 2017.

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  1. ZeeKiwi

    ZeeKiwi NOOB

    Hey Guys!

    I know it's been a couple weeks, and I'm sure you have all been busy grinding away at the newest installation of Destiny 2, so here is a little guide on how to crush souls in Crucible! If you don't know about these two beauties already, then be sure to pay close attention because these could quite literally change the entire outcomes of your PVP matches from this day forward! In this video we cover the Mida Mini and Multi Tool combination and how exactly to go about getting them. These two guns make up for each other where they each lack, and there isn't a stronger Kinetic/Energy combo out there right now. Remember if you liked the video to be sure to like, comment and subscribe for future content. We are an inch away from 200 subs where I will be giving away a Custom ZeeKiwi T-Shirt, once we hit 500, 1,000 and so one the stakes get MUCH higher, so be sure to smash that subscribe button and share with your friends! Thanks again for all of your support up until this point and I can't wait to see where I go from here! Enjoy the video!


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