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Another gaming channel get ready folks! ;)

Discussion in 'Community Channel Connect' started by GlewstikYT, Oct 4, 2016.

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  1. GlewstikYT

    GlewstikYT NOOB

    The names Glewstik and I aim to please.

    I'm primarily a Gaming channel doing one off videos with my "character" as you could call it as well as upcoming and current let's plays like my Heartgold Nuzlocke collaboration with TheLeapinLizard. Other videos I make are "Exposed" videos usually "Exposing" my friends for fun might not be the videos for you but it pokes fun at reaction content and Exposed videos . I also recently created an improve dub series called Gooby dubs which takes commercials for example and I voice over them on the fly kind of like jaboody dubs.

    I am an aspiring Graphic and Game designer, I love to draw and play games of course. You could call me a video game collector I buy pretty much anything game related I have a pretty big collection maybe I'll do pick up videos in the future if people are interested. I play games on anything really Wii U, Xbox One, PC, PS2 etc. so you are bound to find something you like on my channel.

    Upcoming Releases/Schedule:
    I don't have much of a schedule right now because I only started doing this seriously a week ago XD but I can give some ideas on what kind of a schedule I have so far
    I am trying to upload everyday
    Mon - Gooby Dubs, Bioshock Remastered
    Tues- Gooby Dubs, Nuzlocke (jumps between my channel and my friends every week)
    Wed- Gooby Dubs, Bioshock
    Tues- Gooby Dubs, The Matrix Path of Neo
    Fri- Gooby Dubs, One off video ("Glewstik" videos)
    Sat-Sun Gooby Dubs, Misc

    Hope that gives a good idea of what I'm doing also if I feel like uploading more this is subject to change.

    At the end of every video I have a secret ending make sure to stick around foe those!
    I am obsessed with the letter G
    Aliases: Gooby, Greasytomatoes, Chris Handsome

    The video I'm enclosing in this post is the video I'm most happy with. It is one of my one off highly edited videos

    Well thanks for reading! I hope you give me a chance and I hope to get to know some new people :) Have a good one
  2. Valerik

    Valerik Jr Member

    WOW that was a long read ;) I check the video out and you could really increase the sound a tiny bit of both your voice and the game as it feels like you are away from the mic or that the audio is low quality, however make sure that if you do increase the gain also make sure to remove the noise that might be picked up as well.

    The thumbnails for your videos are pretty good and well made, however if you could put the some work on your banner, i think you could make it feel a lot more personalised as it looks quite generic right now.

    Make sure to use caption/annotations or end cards to let people subscribe or go to another video.

    Also I am not sure why you have soo many links in your description, but it really makes it very confusing and I just closed it without even looking at it well.

    I hope you can make some good improvements. Best of luck with your channel :)
  3. Callum Rowley

    Callum Rowley NOOB

    Best of luck with your channel. Nice to have a schedule.
  4. TheHidden

    TheHidden NOOB


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