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New Profile Posts

  1. TheHuzaifa20200
    TheHuzaifa20200 JMoneyGaming
    Hi There I want tips where to post my vids???
  2. McShockz O
    McShockz O JMoneyGaming
    I can't seem to find the partnership link, or the ones I have found just give me an error or blank page.
  3. Lewis20962597
    Lewis20962597 JMoneyGaming
    Hi, im new to this website and dont know what im doing. My channel is LewisHD TV. Go subscribe for fifa, dead by daylight, rocket league videos and much more! I promise you, you wont regret it :)
  4. 32BitTricks
  5. Artard4ever
    Artard4ever JMoneyGaming
    how do i get a partnership and get on teh twitch team?
  6. SatrioGamings
    SatrioGamins Here, Im NEW!!
  7. SamuraiHex
  8. BreloomTV
    BreloomTV JMoneyGaming
    Y u no stream senpaii?
    1. JMoneyGaming
      Work and other things wooping my butt =( Trying to get some in when i can in the last 2 weeks only had time for 2 small streams i think they were for less then a hour or 2.
      Aug 19, 2016
      BreloomTV likes this.
    2. BreloomTV
      Well hopefully you can get that cleared up so you can stream more, senpaii
      Aug 19, 2016
  9. Nemesis snipes