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Profile Help


How do I add a Subbox to my Signature?

Simply go to your personal details. The option is there.. Add your channel name and hit save.

You must have a channel name, google urls will not work, so if you have a google + profile you must convert over to a vanity url first.

How Do I add my SB Stats, Twitter, Partner Badge and Youtube link to my post bit?

Its very simple.. go to your contact details and simply go down to identities and fill in the boxes.

Make sure your youtube has a Vanity URL.. google plus username do not work.. To see your youtube url .. simply go to your youtube page and look at the address in the address bar.

How do I change my Username?

You can redeem your credits in the shop for the option to change your username. You can do this once every 30 days. Once you redeem the option you will now have an option in your personal details to change your username.

What is a signature and how do I add one

A signature is a way to promote your channel or website. A signature will show in every post that you reply to. To get a signature you can purchase a VIP member ship with the points you earn on the site.

How to Upload An Avatar Or Change your Avatar?

  1. In the top navigation bar you will see your user name: Click your user name
  2. Click the option Avatar or click on your avatar
The Avatar Editor will pop up
  1. Click browse
  2. Select the image off your computer
  3. Press Okay
You are now done.
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