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Aki Carlito

Offering Professional Banner/Profile Picture Work 2014-04-16

digital art, multitude of styles, colored or black and white

  1. Aki Carlito
    Hey YTGamers Community!
    I know how most of you are currently working hard with your youtube channels and as an artist/gamer myself, i want to be apart and help you out by kinda lessening all your burdens.

    I am currently open for commissions.
    So this basically works with you paying me for my services of making you a banner or a profile picture for your channel :)

    You can see examples of my artworks here on my deviantart page:


    and here is the example of pricing list and styles i do for commissions


    you can either send me a message there or email me at this email address if you're interested.

    P/S: please include a description of what you would like and make the subject of said email as " Commission".

    THANK YOU!!!!
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Recent Reviews

  1. TheAimGames
    Version: 2014-04-16
    One of the best commissioners out there! I recommend Aki to anyone who wants great artworks for a cheap price!