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Advertise On YTGamers 2013-12-01

Help Support YTGamers By Advertising On The Forum

  1. SaKenMadRaj
    Advertise on YTGamers. Help support YTGamers by advertising your product, channel or cause on YTGamers.com.
    We are currently Accepting Banner Ads 728px × 90px The ads will rotate between the Header and the Footer of the site Randomly.

    Example Ad

    You must provide the ad and information for where you would like the ad to be linked. (links can not be to any adult sites, pirated merchandise sites, or any site we deem inappropriate.)

    After purchasing the AD you will be contacted by an administrator to get your information. (Make sure in the instructions on PayPal you leave your preferred contact info and your YTGamers Profile Name)

    We can not guarantee ad clicks or traffic from the ad.. We can guarantee that your ad will be in the rotation. We get Millions of Page Views, Millions Of Hits, and Over 50K monthly Visitors.

    $5 is an awesome price and fairly cheap for 30 days worth of ad placement. The money generated from this will help with server cost, software updates and general website maintenance. We will not set a limit on how many people can purchase an add to help support YTGamers.

    We are no longer running any type of outside Ad service such as Google Adsense and strictly are relying on the support of the members to operate Ytgamers.com.

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